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How to judge the performance of ultrasonic transducer

Sources of information: HailiTech    Addtime: 2016/1/25 11:27:08
Ultrasonic transducer plays a very important role in ultrasonic equipment, a high quality ultrasonic transducer can ensure the output power is strong and stable. So, how to judge the performance of the ultrasonic transducer is good or bad? Can be analyzed from two aspects of the parameters and admittance curve diagram.
1, parameters
(1) mechanical resonance frequency (Fs)
This is the working frequency of the vibration system, the design should be as close as possible to the desired value, must work with the power point matching.
(2) dynamic resistance (R1)
The resistance of the piezoelectric oscillator series branch, the smaller the better under the same support conditions, for cleaning or welding oscillator, generally between 5 -20. If too large, the oscillator or vibration system will have problems, such as the circuit does not match or the conversion efficiency is low, the oscillator life is short and so on.
(3) mechanical quality factor (Qm)
To determine the conductance curve method, Qm = Fs / (F2 - F1) Qm, the higher the better, because the higher the Qm, the higher the efficiency of the vibrator. But Qm must be matched with the power supply, the Qm value is too high, the power supply can not match. For cleaning vibrator, Qm value is good. Generally speaking, the cleaning oscillator Qm to reach 500-1000, too low, the oscillator efficiency is low, too high, the power can not match. For ultrasonic welding or machining, and oscillator itself the QM values generally at about 50-1000, the whole system in 1500-3000, too low, vibration, low efficiency, but can not be too high, because the higher the QM, the narrower the bandwidth, power to match. That is to say electric source is difficult to industry and trade at the resonant frequency, the device is not working properly.
(4) free capacitor (CT)
The capacitance value of the piezoelectric element at the 1kHz frequency is consistent with the measured value of this value and the digital capacitance meter. This value can be obtained from the dynamic capacitance of the capacitor C0 can get the real capacitance C0, CT = C1 - C1. When used to inductance of C0 balance, in the circuit design of the ultrasonic machining machine, correctly balance C0 can improve the power factor of the power supply, there are two ways to use the inductive balance, tuned parallel and series tuning.
(5) anti resonance frequency (Fp)
The resonant frequency of the parallel branch of the piezoelectric vibrator is, at this frequency, the impedance of the piezoelectric vibrator is Zmax maximum. If the anti resonant impedance Zmax is very low, the oscillator has a problem.
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