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Composition structure of ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Sources of information: HailiTech    Addtime: 2016/1/27 11:30:23
The ultrasonic plastic welding machine is composed of pneumatic transmission system, control system, ultrasonic generator, transducer and tool head, mechanical device and so on. The composition and function of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine are as follows.
1, pneumatic transmission system
Pneumatic transmission system is composed of a filter, relief pressure valve, commutator, oil mist device, throttle valve and the cylinder, and work first by air compressor driven cylinder stroke and drives the ultrasonic transducer system under moving, in small and medium-sized power ultrasonic welding, dynamic pressure can be adjusted according to the welding requirement.
2, control system
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine control system in general by the time relay or integrated circuit time timer, the main functions of the control system are two points:
1) control pneumatic transmission system, the welding in timing control open gas valve, cylinder pressure decrease welding, the welding object is in a certain pressure to suppress. When the welding pressure after a period of time, and then the control system will make the gas valve reversing, welding head rebound reset.
2) control the working time of ultrasonic generator. The control system enables the whole welding process to realize automation, and the operation of the whole welding process can be completed automatically by the start button to generate a trigger pulse. Order of the whole control system is: power up a trigger signal control, pneumatic transmission system, the cylinder pressure welding head down and pinned, trigger ultrasonic generator transmitting ultrasonic and keep a certain welding time. Then remove the ultrasonic emission, continue to maintain a certain pressure, back pressure, welding rebound, welding end!
3, ultrasonic generator
1) high power ultrasonic plastic welding machine, generator signal using phase locked frequency automatic tracking circuit, so that the frequency of the generator output is basically consistent with the transducer resonant frequency.
2) in the 500W above the ultrasonic plastic welding machine, the generator is basically the use of self - excited power oscillator, also has a certain frequency tracking capability.
4, acoustic system
1) transducer
The acoustic system used in ultrasonic plastic welding machine includes three parts: the driving part, the fixed part and the working part. In the above three composition part, the drive is the core, the general use of the clamping bolt the longitudinal vibration of the transducer, the half wavelength longitudinal vibrator and four points of wavelength longitudinal vibrator, half wavelength longitudinal vibration and half wavelength concentrator connected consisting of a full wavelength plastic welding transducer, and a quarter wavelength longitudinal vibration and quarter wavelength concentrator is connected, consisting of a half wavelength transducer.
2) tool head
Different welding objects need to have different tool head, whether it is near field welding or transmission welding, only half wavelength of the tool head to make the maximum amplitude of the welding face. The tool head with amplitude amplification and without amplitude amplification. The plastic welding machine using the acoustic tool head system, materials used usually for aluminum alloy, the end face of the plating hard alloy, power is large is also useful made of titanium alloy and the material fatigue strength than aluminum alloy gold more than twice as high as the, but the price is slightly expensive, each manufacturer can according to the specific situation, the use of the most suitable tool head.
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