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Specification for operation of ultrasonic lace machine

Sources of information: HailiTech    Addtime: 2016/1/28 11:31:48

 Ultrasonic lace machine, is a kind of efficient suture, embossing equipment, has been widely used in clothing, environmental protection, no spinning bag, food and other industrial applications. Then, when the operation of ultrasonic lace machine, to pay attention to what?
Ultrasonic lace machine.
1, ready to work
1) the output cable and motor control cable plugs are respectively inserted into the ultrasonic generator output socket and motor cable socket;
2) the ultrasonic generator power cable directly connected with a 220V power supply (the machine must be reliably grounded).
2, the operation of ultrasonic inspection before ultrasonic lace machine
1) press the "test" button to view the current table, if not more than 2A and the normal sound wave, said normal ultrasonic lace machine. If the current meter to indicate more than 2a, you need to shutdown, should contact the appropriate technical personnel, of unknown origin Ming barrier generating reasons can start working.
2) foot control board foot, to determine the motor rotation is correct (at this time, the wheel and the wheel must be in the lift position);
3) according to the fabric material, thickness, select the appropriate flower wheel speed and vibrator speed;
4) the fabric in film and paper tape, flower wheel pressure and pressure roller;
5) once again set foot control foot, you can carry out the operation.
3, the use of aspects to pay attention to
1) the continuous working time of ultrasonic lace machine is 8 hours;
2) in use, can not open the shell of an ultrasonic vibrator, in order to avoid danger;
3) if there is insufficient power, such as cutting edges, no perforation phenomenon, should stop working for maintenance technicians;
4) ultrasonic lace machine when not in use, should relax the pressure wheel, cut off the gas supply, relaxing round flower.
4, maintenance and maintenance
1) do regular cleaning, prevent the slug plug the machine rotating parts. When the machine is not in use, should shut down the machine, cut off the power supply.
2) transmission ultrasonic lace machine and pneumatic control system, regular refueling and maintenance, to ensure that the various performance indicators to maintain a high degree of integrity, ensure the production work smoothly.

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