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Application of ultrasonic plastic welding technology in packaging industry

Sources of information: HailiTech    Addtime: 2016/2/16 11:33:57
Commodity packaging in addition to the protection of goods, but also to improve the value of goods is playing a positive role, is the necessary conditions for the commodity into the circulation. Packaging industry for product sealing and cleanliness requirements are higher, the use of ultrasonic welding can be a good way to meet the requirements, most of the traditional way of thermoplastic packaging sealing can be replaced by ultrasonic welding. Guangdong sikairui with ultrasonic welding for many years in the field of experience, can provide professional solutions and improve the service for customers in the packaging industry. So, ultrasonic welding technology in the packaging industry, what are the specific advantages?

1, shorten the processing time, the combination of plastic can be completed within a few milliseconds (0.01-9.99 seconds can be set).

2, the ultrasonic energy only in the exact region need to be welded in will be consumption, efficient economy.

3, the application of ultrasonic machining, machining process, stable and reliable, and low energy consumption, environmental protection and renewable packaging processing.

4, in the process of operation without preheating and heat preservation, excess calories will not use ultrasonic.

5, through the dirt (such as liquid, powder) seal welding without affecting the welding effect.

6, without the use of expensive and easily contaminated auxiliary products, such as adhesive, fasteners, such as adhesive.

7, ultrasonic equipment and components are easy to use in the automated production environment, and is compatible with the material conveying system. Advanced control and alarm system to ensure optimum operation and output, improve production efficiency.

Application case:

Ultrasonic plastic welding is widely used in the packaging industry, such as food packaging, cosmetic packaging, packaging, packaging film, woven hose, corrugated container, rope tie, medicine packaging etc..

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